Know your worth! Jewelry appraisals for your estate planning and insurance policies.

As a Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser, I am able to provide you with a written jewelry appraisal for the purpose of insurance, estate planning, divorce settlement, resale, and other needs. I have a complete gemological lab set up in my Boulder office where I will appraise your gemstones and jewelry and give you a polished, professional written jewelry appraisal to suit your needs.

I am a graduate of the International School of Gemology which is sponsored by Global Claims Associates, your source for jewelry appraisers and gemologists around the world.

Written Jewelry Appraisals

We will go over your appraisal needs, whether your written appraisal is for insurance replacement or estate planning, you will receive a reliable, honest, impartial written evaluation according to industry standards.

  • Pricing is typically per hour – for larger estate and jewelry collections, the structure is more affordable – contact me to discuss your rates!
diamond ring jewelry appraisal

The Antique Trader is a family business that has been in operation since 1965 in the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins area. We offer full estate and personal property appraisals throughout the Denver metro area – contact us today to arrange for your written jewelry appraisal!